Friday, 23 May 2008

Punch, Drunk, Unloving this~

I have not stayed up like this in such a long long time. I feel so drained. insane and lame.
I havent slept at all last night, brain been goin at full speed since then.
Had to deal with FOUR of my subjects' Major Project all at once. I really call this Multitasking at it's best.... or worst.

its now almost 3 am. and I have to wake at 7.30 am...don't even know sleep for what.
I feel like a stone crawling through the mud..and my mind is an empty attic, churning out of pure will.

suddenly a "long time no see" friend Cherie,came to ask me to fill a survey! so random lor.
So seriously.
Handling 4 subjects, 3 of which I'm like the group leader and all also I have to play a big part in.

oh thanks Derrick for helping me set up Uni internet. You're Welcome Fiona .
Thanks Uni mates for hanging in there with me while I went Punched, Drunk, Love~

Happy Birthday
Rachel Thean!

Man, No wonder I needed the medicine of laughter.~


And if you are dead, please get to the hospital yourself.

One man's trash is another man's lasagne

So don't worry your highness.

I think it was that "Screw You" comment you made.

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