Sunday, 1 June 2008

Memoirs of a Dream

In the hours of 10pm to 4 am of the 1st of June, I lived in another world.

The setting was dark and mysterious. Me, my real sister and mother were busy packing. We were in a rush to leave our home. I didn't have a dad in that world.

Me and mom went into the storehouse, a large wooden structure embedded in the ground. In it was filled with documents and boxes, musty objects that I didn't recognize. My mom brought me to the tiny TV and switched it on. A strange news was on, talking about random things till I saw them flash "Roycelebrity", As i looked closer at the dusty screen I saw video clips of my old self playing around Bukit Kiara. Then the news was suddenly about me, I didn't understand it but I knew I needed to record it. I ask my mom if I could use one of the old tapes to record it and she kept quiet.

I took up a random tape and looked at the label, it had a scribbled "OTI" on it. I simply stuffed it into the ancient VCR and as I looked at the news about a village, I was suddenly there.

At the Village, it was dark and scary. My mom and I weren't fazed by the relocation. We were in a souvenir shop of the fishing village on stilts. The air was heavy with the humidity of the sea. Although there was no obvious theme to what kind of tour this village offered, I felt that I was going to find out. I scanned past the old t-shirts and trinkets, onto this table of men's bracelets.

This obviously caught my attention as the designs were unique. I picked up a blue plastic charm bracelet I liked, it was badly scratched and second hand. I realized this was a second hand-souvenir shop! I put it down and glanced at one with earring studs as its design and others that I would have bought had it not belonged to someone else. I felt the shop attendants glare of anger that I didn't buy it. I walked out of the store.

I was on the dark boardwalk above calm waters. The stilts disappeared into sloshy black. There were holes on the path! and one had stairs leading downwards. Curious how this was possible, I walked down into a dank cement room with just one shadow portal on the wall. A lady stepped out with an evil smile.

I felt that I needed to be scared of her, yet I didn't move, she held my hand and pulled me into the portal. and I was under water!

I saw the bubbles of my breath sail up as I suffocated. surrounding me were mermaids with psychedelic colors on their tails while the men only had legs standing in their armour in the water, neither sinking nor rising, but just static.

The mermaids had such an evil grin as they swam around me pholding me from swimming up for breath. I turned into a mermaid too. but still i struggled for breath, twisting this way and that. It occurred to me that if i just dared to take a breath I would be fine, but I dared not. these merfolk were up to no good.

I managed to break free of their hold and swam for dear life. I swam through the portal and fell out at the Pentagon!

Some kind of construction was going on, and suddenly the bigger plot was revealed to me. I suddenly understood that every year, the pentagon allows a small village to announce its attack on the Pentagon, thereby getting worldwide news coverage and tourism opportunity. I just escaped from that village.

I saw great cranes moving in the darkness, setting up a great glass roof in a shape of a Hexagon instead! It was dangerous to be here, and I knew it, I turned to run...and that world faded away.

My eyes opened in another world, this world. Perhaps,another dream world.
And I woke up to the Foggiest Day in Melbourne.

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