Sunday, 1 June 2008

Dramedy and Chocolate binge.

I've gone ahead and done it again.

Just stayed all day at home chewing on kit-kats and waffle biscuits and cookies.

binging on all available episodes of Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty. Now I've got nothing to watch!


By the way, the ending of Desperate Housewives season 4 soooo doesn't make sense lor!
Don't worry I'm not gonna include spoilers... But I must say... Who The Pharque is Susan with?!... not a spoiler.

And is episode 18 the ending for Ugly Betty!? what the hell. So dissatisfying, I totally did not get that tingly feeling of a nicely wrapped series. I blame the cancerous Writer's Strike that just spoilt this world's entertainment!

Oh My Gourd, they should totally hire people on the streets to write the stories and then pick the best ones and stretch the series back to normal.

So tak syiok. I have no idea what to watch now since I've exhausted most shows that I've wanted to see. Even Dirty Sexy Money, which was reccomended to me is done.

I enjoyed the antics of the lead guy in the detective series - Life.

And watching this series about a housewife pot dealer really makes me feel like taking some roofie brownies.

Sigh, Now I'm only waiting for Heroes S3... come on man

Omg, according to Wikipedia - The All Knowing - Heroes season 3 is only starting to be filmed on May1st and to be broadcasted on September 22 2008!! ARGH! how agonizing the wait shall be!

Aiya Pharque this, I'm gonna read a book and learn Japanese.


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Christle said...

1 2 3 4tell me that u love me more (she cant even count) LOLs