Saturday, 7 June 2008

I See The Finish Line

Oh My Gourd, So close to finishing the term.
This life is on fast forward and I am rushed towards a crash.

Recently I feel so jaded. Becoming cynical inside for no apparent reason.
Perhaps it's the constant dealing with responsibilities
To tell you the truth, I worry alot about relationships.
Friendships, family, and even in a professional sense.
so I worry and I stress~

By the time I think about what to do with all of this, I feel like this:
I realise it's already Winter...but only because Myra brought me and the group (Gunjan, Sasha, Bhavani,and 2 of sasha's friends) plus Bryce and his boyfriend, to the winter party in some unknown godforsaken lane out back where stray dogs and cats go to die.

Sorry, I digress.

Anyway, I'd love to give you juicy gossip and stuff. But i can't
I'm too busy getting obese

However, I shall attempt to do so!
My attempt at being Scandalslut.

SO let the juicy stuff flow~
  • Someone is planning to lose their Virginity! I caught Miss Soon-To-Be-Unvirgin talking to the doctor on her mobile asking for "the Pill". Don't you just admire people who plan.
  • Someone realized he's bisexual and that he likes this newly outed gay guy, who likes this straight boy that recently turned bad ass... (ooh nasty)
  • Someone decided to team up with her friend, to double ditch their boyfriends. (I've heard of double dates, but this is new)
You guys will have to wonder about their identities,

but I won't say a word.

You know you love me, gossip Royce.

make it look like an accident

Where you'll find so much interesting conversation.

You might block traffic! be considerate!

Not always black and white with these pandas

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