Monday, 25 August 2008

Back with a Crack

I just got down from the pretend christmas land - Falls Creek.

It was a beautiful and memorable trip. But there's always something about a trip ending that just gets you all blah and moody about it.

Perhaps I could blame it on the fact that I just have TONS of uni work load to get back to, or the thought that I have to have the stamina to pull through the rest of the course without another relaxing break.

Falls Creek gave me my first experience with snow, my first snow man, my first snow ball fight,
First Snowboarding, Tobogganing and seeing snowfall.

But I can't deny it took so much energy from me as a busy Advertising Uni student and a recovering flu-infected creature. The snowboarding especially!

OMG people, dun take private lessons for snowboarding from a woman named Fiona at Falls Creek. She was such a vagina lor ok! say it like you mean it! VERr-JAI-NA!
The horrible snow sliding creature forced us all to snowboard immediately as if we were experts. plus she was IMPATIENT. and I am even MORE IMPATIENT with an impatient person.
I feel like, they need a taste of their own medicine but in STRONGER doses.

She practically snapped at each of us when we didn't get it right on our first try. The shocking part was, she just stood and watched as Sandra fell ungracefully on all fours right at her feet. She must have been living a fantasy where she was queen and Sandra the worshipper for that moment, for she eyes lingered on Sandra but her hands made no move to help.

That *P-Tuuuii* Beeatch! and all of us were like "ooh the instructors not helping, so we can't help either." then her boyfriend Fui tried to help her up and Snowbeeatch was like " No! don't! let her get up herself. It's better this way."

Aiya! avalanche on your butt Woman!

URGH I'm so worked up now. I think I'm channelling all my discomforts and muscle aches at the snow beeatch now. I'll just post up the pics later.

(hope that this has been a reasonably better and personal post winson, :)

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