Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A discovery at the asian grocery

Some of you may know, some may not.

I love LOVE porridge.

I don't care that they are meant for sick people.I don't care that it's not filling.
It is one thing I adore.

At the Asian grocery store, My new discovery is this cheap cheap porridge, which will be my staple for the next month. Especially after a retail therapy session.

All in Australian dollars. Those in Melbourne, Don't you dare F**cking compete with me for my porridge. When it comes to food; My claws come out


KiMmY PoTteR said...

lots of preservatives! jz eat in moderation alright

Eve said...

I love porridge too! Especially the plain ones with a bit of pork, carrots and potatoes made for little babies to eat :P So yumness!

Eh, makes sure those instant porridge you bought aren't MIC (made in China) xD Gotta be careful with everything made there nowadays. Evil, inconsiderate bastards.