Friday, 5 September 2008


Yes it is the weekend that weakens my soul, for it is the silent eulogy for my holiday week.

Uni work will come back in full force, Life will no longer standstill.

I will continue to age and my face will sag! Aaaaaah! Mom and Dad! how do you live with yourself when you look in the mirror?

kidding.~lol. I'm just acting my part of the drama queen as it seems that's the title I'll be voted for in our Uni - year book.

I wonder who will get voted -biggest bitch? --- that is the million (if not billion) dollar question.

To lighten my life up. Here's an ad I like whom I borrowed off the blog of my wonderful wifey, Christle with the silent T. She has great taste.

Also, as you can see I've started a blog feed -list. I think' its great! and saves me wondering who blogged and who hasn't. Everyone should get one!

You heard here first on~

Royce Rules

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