Monday, 1 September 2008

Sister Situation☢

Many of you know, My sister and I are not the best of friends. (UNDERSTATEMENT!!!!)

However, I've come to realize that I've grown out of that competitive stage with her, and though she and I have TOTALLY different values. I think our mother has put more of herself into us than she knows.

After a secret spy visit to my sister's blog (shh, dun tell her I found it), I see that she is becoming more and more like me!
I can't believe we share the same habit of saying "Vagina" as our own lingo.
Her louder than life attitude rivals mine, and could possibly live up to my mother's.
Let's get into the juicy bit of things.

My sister has had a house party! (with or without the knowledge of my parents is strongly questionable.) and it includes what seems like an incriminating amount of alcohol....

I can't believe all these sum pat strangers have seen MY house and I haven't even laid eyes on it yet!

Hmm, such a familiar pose. I think I've seen it in the mirror.
Man, they should come up with a new phrase
"Like brother, like sister."

And what is this? A drag show in the house?
Mum and Pa would sooooo disapprove.
However, major rebel points for pulling it off at home,Sis.

Rose, Rose, you make my scandalous life seem normal now. It's almost too easy writing this post. (all photos taken from Rose's blog)

But the funny thing is, doesn't it strike you as weird that me and my sister, whom both lead such separate lives, can still behave like we do everything together?

I don't have her MSN, Facebook,Friendster, I don't even think I have her phone
I don't contact her. Period.

But,it's as if I was there all along, guiding her through our vagina-ish alcoholic party life.


The use of name combination: Sharose
Hello! Roycelebrity here, that is sooo MY THING.

Our shared appreciation of interesting head ornaments (the bunny ears a special fav)

Those drama lama poses seem mighty familiar-

The use of makeup, or rather, its misuses

Our tendencies to have a little too much to drink at parties.
Although Beer is such an unclassy choice for you girl.

Finally, a penchant for encouraging others to do naughty things.

Rose, I'm so proud of you! LoL.
What can I say, she did learn from the best.
She really is exactly like me!
Just that I'm much more practiced at it.

I think my parents definitely have their hands full.;P
Well, mom, You did ask for a set;
A Rose Royce.

So does this mean my house has a swing?

Royce Rules

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KiMmY PoTteR said...

hey im proud of u! I used to hv sibling rivalry with my bro during our younger days but we've outgrown it now. well believe it onot, coming out from the same womb, our sis/bro will somehow b similar to us. for example, me n my bro would accidently bought the same pair of shoes without each other knowings n we would fell for the same clothes (luckily not bf), we hv similar aesthetic taste that that came naturally to us. I believe this post is the pioneer step in appreciating ur one n only sister more n more! family love is the greatest! :D