Monday, 1 September 2008

As If Patriots Are Real

I'd like to wish Madam Malaysia a Happy 51st birthday, I'm sure we all understand that she is going through menopause now, which explains the fitful situations there and the hot flashes of political unrest.

Anyway, I had a great time Denise, and Table Chanel no.5 (Derrick's cute group name for our table). the Momu Merdeka Dinner was entertaining.

Though we did not win the Hoyts tickets, nor the Wii console, at least Derrick won the Kbox vouchers, which I expect to make use of as well :)

The Merdeka Countdown at CQ gravity bar which I went with Shin Yeu and Denise, was certainly a giant salad tossing of Malaysians.

Let me teach you lesson on how to be a social "fake it till you make it"

I only know three people here
Lesson :
  • Act like you know everyone! even if you dont!
  • Call everyone 'Babe' , Even if they're dudes! At least it'll get you noticed!
(disclaimer: I am not responsible for all consequences resulting from my inane advice)
Joyce and Andy, Sasha and Balv, Kelly and Justin,Danny and Tammathy, Joanne Teo and friends, Caleb/Jiah Lit, surprisingly even an old high school mate, Samuel Yee was his name I think.

Yeap, that is as well as my memory will serve. It makes me realize,
Why the hell am I flying all the way here to meet friends that live in my own backyard in Malaysia?
It's great, all the same.

Now to tap into my chinese ancestry and sing some songs.

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