Monday, 3 November 2008

By the Power of Four

I was a senior at the Grand High University of Asian Magic. Like Hogwarts but based in China. Which looked kind of like this..
I was part of a team of four that regulated the grounds against the magical creatures or spells that go wrong. Each of us had elaborate chinese costumes, as if we were Chinese Opera Singers.

It was at night, The headmaster greeted me and my partner who were on night duty, a good night before he went to bed. He looked just like this
Me and my partner walked off into the courtyard, scanning the night for danger. My precognitive ability sensed that there would be something wrong tonight. Sure enough, the shadows convulsed and gathered into a shadowman.
I immediately raised my hands and exerted force out of my fingers and into the ground where he stood, forcing heavy gravity on its body, smashing him to the floor. My partner zapped ahead with sword in hand, slicing the shadowman with lightning speed. The Shadow melted and dissipated.

An ominous laughter sounded from the top of our building, and the scene swung to a bird's eye view. the shadowman pulled a doppelganger on us, tricking us into thinking his clone was real. He melted and entered the building. I think I was wearing some kind of boots or heels, so I couldn't really run, but I could levitate. Quickly, I glided up into the school window in chase.

The interior of the building seemed modern and bright. As if it were RMIT's buildings. The light seemingly from nowhere. Students poured out of their classes gawking at me, recognising me as one of the four guardians. I glided down a little, so as not to scare them with my levitation. The Shadowman was slithering down the corridor. With one hand raised, I exerted force outwards shoving the students aside and smashing the shadow against the wall. He simply melted like liquorice and slipped away.

I went down the corridor and found myself meeting up with the headmaster and three other guardians. It was the Hall of Entrance to Guan Yin Garden.
Headmaster said : "This is very bad, I suspect he is after Guan Yin's bracelet." The old man brushed his white beard aside, and took of his robe to reveal a wrestlers body underneath. His muscles were rippling!
I said :"Headmaster! I had no idea! How much Chi have you absorbed?" The Headmaster didn't even speak this time. Telepathically he explained that he'd been doing a thousand year's of martial arts (qian nian gong). He ran through the door and out into Guan Yin's Garden.
By then, the shadowman must have taken the Bracelet because the headmaster was knocked back by a flying tiger made of light.

"Get Out! NOW!" the Headmaster shouted. All of us guardians flew off and up. Suddenly we were standing outside watching the third floor through its glass windows. Feeling an urgency to do something, I realised I was the Master Chanter. I could try something.

"All that's been and all that's seen,
Has never happened and this I mean"

A feeble beam of light came out from my palms but nothing happened. Time magic was unable to alter this. Flashes of light emitted from the third floor.
I tried again with another rhyme and still failed.

Finally in desperation,I tried something never done before. I held all four of my guardian's hands and created a rhyme.

"By the power of four, I close the door,
Suppress the killer, there shall be NO MORE!"

Absorbing all the energies of the guardians, a huge ring of light imploded into the room, then exploded out; shattering all the glass and throwing us all off our feet in a supernova blaze.

I woke up.

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