Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Mnemosyne is not a word with a spelling error. It is a word in the dictionary. It is the name of the Greek Goddess of Memory, mother of the muses.

I shall now attempt to use this word in a different context. It is now the word I shall use to describe that familiar jumbled up place in my head; the one that is made from your memories. Everyone has a Mnemosyne. It is that place you visualize when you think of the word 'home', taking pieces of where you've lived, and the environment of your defining moments to become a single,all-encompassing place.

In order to explore this, I must now detach myself from my own identity, to get a better look at my ownself.

Royce's Mnemosyne is a curious place. Due to his nomadic childhood which continued into adulthood, his Mnemosyne constantly shifts and reconstructs itself without any sense of order.
The first inhabitant of Mnemosyne is Emerald. rumored to be the goddess of love reincarnate, she is the epitome of emotion.

During one of my explorations in Mnemosyne, I had a conversation with Emerald. She broods upon this darkened tree stump in the middle of a windswept field where it is always just about to rain. It is her throne.

As I had no physical traits whatsoever within Mnemosyne, I couldn't help but admire Emerald's haunting yet beautiful presence. Her sad smile veiled now and again by her dark brown curls in the neverending wind. Her posture was melancholy as her small frame was weighed by the emotional weight of the world. But the most memorable thing about her, were her eyes. Earthy green as mother nature herself, her irises could summon your soul into them.

She explained to me with her gentle and motherly voice, that many confuse the title "goddess of love" to be the controller of all romantic feelings in every human. When in actual fact, it means she is able to love as powerfully and deeply as a goddess. She never claimed she was the original goddess, but she might just well be the real deal.

"Being the Lover of All, is both absolute pain and absolute joy. Whichever it is, I cannot stop it, because it is who I am."

The grass of the field rippled in waves as the wind blew. The clouds were heavy and roiling across the sky. There she waits, for what I do not know. But she waits....

The first ruler of Mnemosyne and oldest resident requested solitude for her brooding. With her eyes looking straight through me, I began moving away as if through a wormhole folding in on itself. I knew I was about to meet the second.

(to be continued)

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