Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Sparkling Fingers

The sunlights peeks through each of my tiny fingers, prying them apart so that it may tickle my face.

The stubby hand of an 8 year-old is unsuitable for blocking the sun out of your eyes. I smile a silly smile. I turn around to inspect the gift machine. My favourite thing in the whole of Taman Sri Rampai.

I placed the 2o sen coin into it's slot carefully, trying with all my skills to twist its knob just right. My eyes widen as I watch the little plastic egg churn and roll out of the bottom chute. My perfect prize.

The stubby fingers set to work and massaged the little plastic egg. I hoped for that fantastic ring that seem to zap colours into the air. At least that's what it looks like on the cardboard print on the machine.

The egg pops open, and out falls a plastic star...... Were they earrings?

"Ouuhhh~~ Boy~ you gottah ear-lling~" the fat indian storekeeper looked down at me and my latest prize. "bettarr lahk nex Thyme~" and with a jingle of his head he walks back into the dark recesses of his store. The scent of shaved coconuts and something sinister wafted from within.

Oh well,The day was still bright. I took a look at the sky. A breeze relieves the foul stench of rotting coconut shells in the drains. I hopped over the drains and landed on my pudgy feet. The Bata slippers getting slightly stained with mud.

A carefree childhood, to collect dreams and memories.


Cedric Ang said...

I believe everybody's childhood is always carefree.

KiMmY PoTteR said...

its very nostalgic and i love it!