Friday, 22 May 2009

Copied Rose

I love my sister's take on Swine flu. So I'm plagiarising it!

Here you go.

Even my own mother tried to spray the money changer man ,
when she was changing ringgits to Hong Kong currency.

Mom: I need more Hong Kong dollars before I fly tomorrow.
*watches the money changer count*
Me: You know mum hundreds of tourists and employees were under quarantine in a downtown Hong Kong hotel recently ? some Mexican dude travelled to Hong Kong was tested positive for the virus.
Mum : Mmhmm .. * stares into her wallet*
Me: So what if that money he is handing over to you right now is from Hong Kong , and its covered in swine flu ??
Mum: OHh , you're right !!
Me: *jokingly* You should spray him with your anti bacteria dettol spray , hahah
Mum: I should * reaches for spray which she so happens to have just bought*
Me: OMG NOO Dont ! That's harassment
Mum: fine ..*puts spray back*

knowing my mom, she would have done it.

Sisters from the same mister

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