Friday, 28 August 2009

Response-ability = Responsibility

Have you seen the movie?He's Just not that into you has a very valuable, albeit, hard lesson for boys and girls alike.

The thing is, many of us are taught by the Disney fairy tales and commercial Media to believe in fairy tales and to keep hoping.

The problem comes when we are faced with issues and challenges, yet still expect the best to always come out of it. A happy ending everytime.

The problem with that assumption is that we set ourselves up for disappointment. We are not always going to succeed when we aim for it. We will have to fail sometimes. More often than not.

For those like me, gifted with an active and powerful imagination, needs to take even more caution. I notice that I tend to 'rewrite' history in my memories, to make myself less upset. This is bad when you are in a fight with someone, and you look at it as if you're completely right and they are completely wrong. creating a warped vision of the situation.

"We Don't see Things as they are, We see Things as We are." - philosopher/someone wise

I noticed this pattern in my wifey (girl bestie). The situation she's in, is created when there is no other visible options around. When one person has only this other single person to depend on, That other person then takes on a higher than appropriate position in their lives. Creating a fantasy to drown in.

Finally, an important lesson, is we should learn to take responsibility.

Responsibility = Response Ability. The ability to choose your own response in any situation.

We humans have the gift to choose our own reactions; Animals don't. The problem is sometimes that it is so much easier to blame someone else for how we feel. E.G

"I hate him! he makes me feel sad all the time."; " If only she'll stop saying I'm fat, I'll feel prettier." ; "Why can't someone just fall in love with me, and then my life will be perfect"

The pattern with all of these statements, is irresponsibility. Each is saying that they're happiness lies in the hands of someone else rather than themselves. Each gives power to others, whether it is a loved one, a friend or even, an Enemy!

I'm not saying it is easy. I find it very hard myself, to take responsibility and take the initiative to change myself. It leaves you no one to blame.

So stand up my friends. Take your rightful feelings into your own hands.

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