Saturday, 22 August 2009

Lost Merdeka Job

booo. I lost a job that I was supposed to have done in August.

I was supposed to have designed the posters for Eve's Merdeka night. But since Lleufer's gone back to Malaysia, the job kinda went with him.

Oh well, it's just a ride , just a ride, sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down.  (Jem- Just a ride)

So I might as well share my poster layouts I had in mind and get some critiques.

Keep in mind that I was not given any info except that it has a cocktail party theme and it is for Merdeka night, meaning Malaysian motives are necessary.

My first one is called Cocktails & Bars (bars as in bars and lines)
It's a cascading cocktail glass tower with the Malaysian flag bars giving rhythm to the borders.
 keeping the National colours of Malaysia, Blue, Red, White and Yellow was the main palette.
Next I played with the concept of a cocktail night. An escapism in another country. Merdeka night in Australia should be about escaping back home for that few hours.
So I created this which I called Starry Nite.
With the Malaysian 14-point star studded sky, and the bars making a gateway into a night of fantasy.
Then I thought it looked a little gaudy and the information should be the main focus point. 
So I cleared the dark blue night sky to a muted gray gradient. I added the moon to hold the element together, and a vibrant cocktail with leaves because I wanted an Apple martini right there and then.
 I really like that apple martini...
And I wanted more. So i thought of how drunk people feel. And i multiplied the glasses, and took the moon and multiplied it in a rotation. Which created an almost fireworks looking motive. It looked more like a party to me. Although not very malaysian.
 Finally I simply thought of communicating a simple idea. Come here for drinks. Since the club earns alot from the bar tab. I tried to do a typical oak-wood bar top, decked with cocktails. The logo of the club would be placed on the bar front and the words on top.
I wanted to be ambitious and vector a whole set of alcohol filled cupboards at the back of the bar table. Bottles of wine and beers refrigerated in freezers. But the job fell through.
Too bad.
Comments are much appreciated.

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Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

my god! first glance it's really interesting, colors and style reminds me of the zest of 1995 where everything feels like a party. but as soon as i gave it a second look, I know, it's malaysia!~ Good job really~ the fact that the great use of colors and layout as a whole with the simplest visuals blew my mind away only to LOVE it more, than to think . . ."awwh another tacky merdeka posters" ...this one makes me wanna party for the theme~ it's definitely a fresh idea for 2009! bravo!~