Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cold Sweat Financials

I just got of the phone with my mom.
It feels horrible. I feel like I'm disowned.

Apparently I will only be financed til the end of the year.
Knowing this makes me feel like I will be living on the streets from 2010 onwards.

My parents are the type that throws you into the deep end and hopes you grow gills.

Stress stress.

cold sweat.

Guess my plans for picking berries on the farm isnt such a great financial decision after all.


Alexa-Star a.k.a. Shaza said...

be strong royce!~ :)
you will survive, you always do

derrickflc said...

hahah good luck. mebbe instead of going to a berry farm, find one that grows money. =P

Royce Tan said...

you two trying to be funny :P