Friday, 25 September 2009

Bad Luck Streak

Fasten your seatbelts guys.
Royce is in for a bumpy ride.

Almost every year, the stars align to bring me....divinely bad luck.

I am not even kidding how bad this is. Those who have known me for a long time will know what I am talking about.
It is a phenomenon that follows me due to the whole ChanceBender gift/curse I am given.
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The bad luck streaks come with a theme sometimes. The ones that I remember and recorded in my diary are :

1. The 'Missing' Streak - This happened during Form 1 in Secondary school. I remembered that I just couldn't seem to find so many things.
  • My house keys went missing
  • my pencil box along with the stationery somehow fell out of my bag.
  • My homework.
  • My personal diary was missing, which I later found stolen by the crazy/down syndrome boy that sat next to me.
  • My actual teenage diary lol. I got it as a gift when I was 12 ok, and only used it at 15
  • I was MIS-takenly punished for someone else's MIStake.

2. The Car Streak - This was a random series of vehicle related disasters when my little Kancil was in suicide mode. Refer to SUFEER post!
  • I remember rushing to class to meet my project deadline and avoid failing,only to have my car breakdown in the middle of the road. I simply turned my hazard lights on and made a run for it.
  • I received a Summons/Saman two days in a row, one was for a parking ticket that i had PAID for, but flipped over when I shut the door!
  • I woke up half an hour late for an exam, drove halfway to realize I left my handphone at home, drove back for it, received a flat tyre right in front of the house, spent another half an hour changing the car tyre....found that my spare tyre was ALSO a flat. pushed it to the nearest car repair centre, found several more problems with the car, asked my mom to drive over with 200 bucks to pay for the bill, and drove there to spend another 30 mins looking for a car park. I was obviously late for the exam, and I don't know why I bothered anyway.
  • Car almost got repossesed
  • The car brokedown again on the way to lunch with Shaza and JT.
  • When I went to pay my summons, I almost received another one while crossing lanes with a policeman on a motorbike. 'Luckily' he let it pass.

3. The Relationship Streak - This was around the time I was in the second year of college.
  • I got into a real bad fight with Winson and didn't speak to him for months - over beauty products...
  • Then I had an explosion with Rachell which sparked a war of words - over a blog comment...
  • I emotionally exploded and threw a tantrum in front of my mother,grandmother, and aunt - over balancing an account book.
It was like, nothing I did or say could be correctly interpreted and everyone just had to get on my nerves. Perhaps I was having some kind of severe hormonal imbalance... looking back, I still don't understand it.

This year seems like one big bad luck streak on its own. Moving house four times, The honours year pressure and fear of death thing.
However, for some reason it seems to have re-intensified in the last week. I am not going to get into the personal stuff of it. But so far :
  • Throwing my 15000 word draft thesis out the window because I've been using the wrong jargon.
  • The bad timing for renewing my student visa and medical checkup. I have to get an extension for the application deadline.
  • That 1500 dollar gas bill a few posts ago, What the Farge is that? seriously?!
  • I'm late for rent, and I'm financially insecure.
  • I've just asked my parents for the rent, they said they'd pass through a friend of theirs, who's coming down to Melbourne today. This morning, I received an SMS from them saying that same uncle collapsed on the way to the airport, and is now at the hospital?! WTH!?

Somehow, I have a feeling that the bad luck streak is not over...and there is more to come.

A tortured and nervous Royce.

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Eve said...

I pray you're doing much better Royce... Otherwise, keep hanging in there.