Thursday, 14 January 2010

Sei Pokai ah!

I am so tremendously pissed right now. As most of you know I was just about to move out and I've just about transferred the lease to someone already.

The thing is the person has to go through an application check by the landlord, it took 4 days and when it was finally approved and I was all ready to go, I called the guy back and he said:

"I..uh..I.. taken a..a..anotha plaise aledy. you no call me! so I no wait."

This is the old asshole korean man whom I was going to rent to, whom I helped explain how things worked in Melbourne, and whom made me reject all other applications because of his false pretense of renting my unit!
I can't believe he would make us go through all that trouble to apply for the place and then back out at the last minute without even telling me! WTF is that?
When I asked him what do you mean you've rented a different place? Why didn't you tell me!

" I am no under obrigation until I uh... sign. I no sign."
Me: "But I told you that you're application was already being processed!"
(dial tone....toot toot toot toot) he hung up.

I wanted to just throw a bomb at his face! My first thought was - How am I going to get some bat shit to smear all over his door? No pigeon poop would stain better.

Then the Lady karma decided to help me by letting his bank card appear in my mail

You see, He even used my address to apply for a bank account. So I've received his Atm card. I may not be able to take money out of his account, that cheating bastard, but I'll sure as hell warn everyone else of this shitty liar!

Here's he's name and account, steal it! forge it! identity theft. go for it! Lady karma be with you!
Jeong Keun Cha, You messed with the wrong guy.

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