Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The Dream of 8 Powers

For the night of 10th Jan and 12th Jan 2010. I had the most amazing dreams.

The dream on the night of 10th Jan was a dream of 8 powers.
I was in a warehouse where they kept powerful relics that endowed its wearer with superpowers. I was looking at the items when someone invisible attacked me from all sides. A zipping noise suggested that I couldn't see him because he was moving too fast.

My eyes darted around the room when it fell upon an item that looked very much like a shiny white headphone.It was called Sonido. This headgear will make you move faster than the speed of sound.

As soon as I put them on, I could see the guy who was attacking me with his knife. He tried to take a swipe at me, but I was moving faster than him now. I blocked his attack and grabbed onto another item. A purple kimono robe with gold scripts running down the lapels.
Putting it on gave me the powers of invincibility, strength and walking through walls.

I must have taken a few other items because I escaped from the slasher easily, knowing that I now possessed 8 different powers. Powers that I wanted to exploit! nyehehehe

I stepped into the entrance of the classiest chinese restaurant that you have ever seen, but the waiter wouldn't allow me to enter. I just looked at him and said:
"Number 5~" (echoes)
It was mind control, and he let me walk in immediately. I began taking food off other people's table , but everyone was under my influence, no one noticed me stealing their food. I was feeling so excited by the rush of power.

Just behind the restaurant, there was a rave party in session. For some reason, I was very annoyed as I couldn't get in, my powers were somehow drowned as I walked closer to that place. Someone there must have had a nullifying ability. I was so pissed that I stood back and concentrated with all my might.


The earth trembled as I clenched my fists as hard as I could. People stopped dancing and began screaming. My heart filled with the glee of vengeance and fear that my powers were corrupting me.
I woke up as the world began to crumble.

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