Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wrapper girls and Healing finger

short update. I'm moving!

I've been on a movie marathon - here's my ratings and recommendations :

As you can see, My favourite was Coraline, written by one of my fav authors : Neil Gaiman, known to you as the writer of Stardust.

I felt so inspired that I had to crate some art. So I pasted the chocolate wrapper from my movie snack and the kitchen towels together then drew the girls into the dress.

They look yummy don't they :)
And speaking of yummy ~ me and Suko had a wild night on Thursday.

You are under arrest for being too hot!

Le freak, Ces't Chic

Oh and this is the status of my finger :

I know, THAT'S supposed to be healing.

Looks like a finger vagina.

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bergaya_haru said...

Heey Roycie! Ugh, I feel so bad. I've been drifting away from so many ppl. YOUR FINGER! I saw the bloody pic. U should have posted a huge warning "Unsuitable for the faint hearted". Hahaha. Kinda reminds me of my finger. It'll nvr be the same again. XD How r u?