Friday, 26 February 2010

Virtues and Vices

Last night I had a dream... I lived in a world where everyone is born as a killing machine. Each person had skills that were meant for killing, and the world was filled with disgusting bloodthirsty creatures. I ran across the walls, defying gravity, the sweat prickling across my brow.
My fingers shot forth like spikes right into the horned beasts ribs and pierced its heart. It felt like a responsibility. It felt like my duty to just keep killing and growing in strength. For what purpose, I do not know, but I just had to kill.

I woke up to another dreary day.... Responsibility....
I remember many years ago my dad was the one that thought me that word. I had ran away to play with my cousin, to the bowling centre. I remember that split second where I had to choose between calling my dad and letting him know that I wanted to stay longer and risk him ordering me to go home, or I could just turn my phone off and I can play some more. I stared at the phone for a few more seconds, and I switched my phone off.

Needless to say, My dad tried calling me forever and then found me in the bowling alley. I was scolded like mad as he was worried that i had been kidnapped or something. That day, he taught me that responsibility meant that I had to put my commitments to others first, before my own playful desires.

It's a good lesson I've learnt. Now I try my best to consider others before myself. To put down my Pride. One of my deadliest sins. Shaza told me about the 7 heavenly virtues that i meant to fight the 7 deadly sins. Found this on Wiki

I love the Latin words, this is the 7 sins and virtues chart.
Virtue  ↓ Latin  ↓ Gloss  ↓ (Vice)  ↓ (Latin)  ↓ Virtue's Meaning  ↓
Chastity Castitas Purity Lust Luxuria Abstaining from sexual conduct according to one's state in life. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought through education and betterment.
Temperance Temperantia Self-Control Gluttony Gula Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation.
Charity Caritas Will, Generosity Greed Avaritia Generosity. Willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions.
Diligence Industria Persistence, Effort Sloth Acedia Tristitia A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work. Decisive work ethic. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness.(The Vice "Acedia" is more commonly known as "Sloth")
Patience Patientia Peace Wrath Ira Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive; to show mercy to sinners.
Kindness Humanitas Satisfaction Envy Invidia Charity, compassion, friendship, and empathy without prejudice and for its own sake.
Humility Humilitas Bravery, Modesty Pride Superbia Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self.

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