Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Birthday Fairy

-------Fictional story-----

Every year most people would complete a ritual to commemorate the day the were brought into this world. The Chinese do it to ward off evil that is said to follow them on this day, The Romans believed that honey cakes round as the moon and lit with tapers were placed on the temple altars of [Artemis]. . . . Birthday candles, in folk belief, are endowed with special magic for granting wishes. The Greeks believed that your guardian angel or spirit guide would attend your celebration and it had a special relationship with the deity that you were born under.

Believe it or not, I've always felt the presence of my spiritual companion. Her name is Aurielle. It was perhaps on the day of my fifth birthday that I noticed her. Aquamarine eyes smiling in the middle of a baby doll face, staring at the candles on my cake.

Have you noticed how sometimes before you even begin to blow out your candles, the candles would get blown out by the 'wind' ? There Aurielle was, her childish lips rounded, blowing as hard as she could at my cake causing the candles to go out. I remember how my parents would say " Strong winds today". But I knew better, it was my spirit companion; little Aurielle. 

Each year, she would become clearer on my birthday, the rest of the time, she was an unseen presence that could be felt strongly during rainy days and when the moon was full. I grew to understand the meaning of making a wish by the time I was 8. The party was held in my father's country club in the courtyard by the pool. Cousins, friends, enemies and parent's friends' snotty children made up the guest list. Aurielle was rolling about on the surface of the pool water, sticking her tongue out at some of the other children whist swimmers in the pool were oblivious to her presence.

I ran in circles around the big pile of patterned boxes with all hues of shiny ribbons. I inspected each box carefully by holding it up to my ears and shaking its contents. I nodded in a grave expression, as if approving of the 'shakeability' of the gift. The child guests had already begun playing catch up and down the sun dappled foyer.

Speakers were turned on, the Birthday anthem played. A scary clown came out from behind the curtains with a dripping moist chocolate cake with 8 white candles on the top. Evil clown man placed the cake in front of my face as the other greedy cake-stealers gathered around me with the intention of getting a piece of their cake earlier rather than genuinely celebrating me.
The birthday song ended. The off pitch voices of my guests hung awkwardly in the air as they just realize there was no more music.
In the glow of the candle light, I could see the very same glow around Aurielle. It was time to make a wish, the clown asked me to think carefully, but all I could see was the ocean that was within Aurielle's blue-green eyes. I knew she would grant my wish....

(May or may not be continued)

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