Monday, 30 May 2011

Roomate Hunt

I am so late for my rent.

Dear reader,
It has been a long time since you've heard from me. I have wanted to keep my silence for awhile, in hopes of diminishing the attention I give to my dramas and therefore seemingly reducing the intensity of each through ignorance.

It does not work.

As they say Life goes on, and sometimes, Shit happens.
The tragedy count for 2011 could rival that Christmas where the Grinch stole everything. I've lost 2 phones this year, my house keys, laptop, a luggage bag, had a stalker, complaint from work, news that my cousin has brain cancer...

That's only the list of major things.

Now, my housemate is moving out and someone close tries to sneak something behind my back. I am immensely furious because I feel betrayed and POOR. Which are two things you shouldn't have to experience  at the same time.

No more mister nice guy, this time I am putting down an iron clad room mate agreement so I never have to deal with shit like this. Guess it's true = Successful people make the right decisions, and you learn to make the right decisions through making the wrong ones. The point being, I'd better be a fucking successful person.

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