Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The House-mate/Room mate questionaire

 The Housemate Questionaire

The Basics

Preferred Move-in Date:
Length of expected stay: 6 months/ 1 year
Contact number:

Emergency Contact:
Number/ email:

Friend or mate?
1. Do you prefer your house-mate to be a stranger or close friend? 
2. Your house-mate's going out for drinks with friends,do you expect to be invited along? 
3. If you are currently dating someone, how often would you have them over?
4. How long do you think is fair to have guests staying over? 
5. Will you be annoyed if the guest is hanging, cooking, showering, etc. in communal areas? 
6. Do you look forward to having time alone or do you like to talk when you get home?
7. If you are currently working/studying, what are your hours? 
8. Why are you leaving your current accommodation?
9. What was your worst living arrangement?
10. Do you get along better with guys or girl?

Money & Perks 
1. Do you have your own pre-existing phone & internet plan or would you like to share?

2. Utility bills are usually split evenly, are you able to pay bills each time in advance?
3. How would you share communal items like cleaning supplies/ laundry powder?
4. Do you buy your own meals or do you expect to share groceries?
5. Do you have any furniture of your own?
6. Are you fully supported by your parents?

1. How long does takeout stay in the fridge? 
2. How often do you do laundry? Dishes? 
3. What household items (kitchen spices, toilet paper, etc.) would you like to share? 
4. Who is responsible for cleaning common areas? How often? 
5. If you leave clothes in the washer, and your roommate needs to do laundry, what would you like them to do with your stuff? 
6. Should groceries be shared? How? 
7. What constitutes “borrowing”? How many times can a roommate “borrow” before it becomes an issue? Are there any things which are absolutely not up for grabs? Don’t be petty, but do replace what you’ve borrowed.

Social Skills
1. Are you involved in criminal activity?
2. Do you drink, smoke, or toke? 

3. Do friends or family stop by frequently? 
4. What time do you usually go to bed weeknights? Weekends?

5. Are you a light or heavy sleeper? What noise can you tolerate?
6. Speakers or Headphones? 
7. Do you watch a lot of television. Usually in the morning or night?
8. How long have you been at your course/ job? 

9. How would you describe yourself when you're in a bad mood?

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