Friday, 2 November 2012

Of Gods And Characters

The Iliad and Homer's Odyssey was written around the 8th century B.C. 800 years later they still built great temples to these gods. Today the Parthenon still stands as a monument to this writer's characters. When you think about it, all gods are personified in ways that help us identify with them. The stronger the resonance of a characters personality with your own, the more you develop this idealistic person in your head.

When you worship and make someone your idol, you would also want to be like them. It is the same thing with a persona that we hold dear, we begin to emulate their traits for ourselves. We model ourselves after well-loved personas, are these characters not more influential than the gods of religion? For we become godlike by mentally channeling them.

The issue with an All-powerful god is that we crave power ourselves. I think the main lesson in the bible is that humans are prideful power-hungry sinners and we will always seek to embody higher powers. Every religious setting shows this manifestation of believed power via prayer,chanting, spell casting, rites and so on. Somehow channelling god's powers by their will alone.

Perhaps we need to begin thinking of God as ourselves. The one that could change everything is our own minds, everything that has ever been created by man began in the imagination.
I surmise that creativity itself is God, because it is the one limitless, all-powerful resource that we have, we are in direct contact with it and it is within us as well as all around us. Most importantly, it is a part of us that will go on long after we are physically gone.

Every book, idea and lesson are the gifts of gods past. The house you live in, the comforts we have, the relative peace this world experiences all came from creative desires that just wanted to help people. Every idea demonstrates how powerful that god is.

One such past god is Einstein, his imagination and creative thinking gave us space travel, and vast amounts of interchangeable energy. However that same idea created the Atom bomb that destroyed Nations.

The world needs to stop waiting on an imaginary god and use your own god of imagination. If each of us would come up with even just one idea to solve global issues. We'd truly be able to make the gods that have gone before us proud.

We are creations and so is god.

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