Saturday, 17 January 2004

Today there was a crazy losergurl who mesaged me outta nowhere...her:(hi sexy) i tot it mite be one of my schoolfrens,I replied n she still did not let me know who she was but sed she was christina. so i asked if she was my school fren n she sed:(dont mess around with me f*ck face..i tot u were a nice guy to tok to but afta a few mesages i dcided not to entertain a dumb f*ck like adious small pea) dunno wat she say at the end there oso. so i tot mebe it mite be jenne or aaron so i replied again~ and she called me on the phone and scolded me with lots of foul words!!!...but i jus laffed at her n ended her call.Now the point i want to tell everyone here is dun be a stupid idiot and contact ppl u duno without tellin them who u r.Also dun be so childish as to call ppl to scold them about how they mess with u when U r da one who contacted in da firs place with no reason. TO LOSERGURL~uve wasted ur credit callin me n ur life gettin angry! GOD HELP U! anyone who wishes to contact her and tok to her to help her, pls dial 012-666!

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