Saturday, 21 February 2004

A Story 4 thought~

Let me tell u a story...
There was this man,he was blind. most ppl have dogs as a blind guide. But this guy had a rooster as a guide. This rooster had been specially trained to understand yes or no questions. It wuld answer yes by standing up and a no by lying down limply. One day,this man had a blind date. He went to meet da lady at a classy restaurant. She scolded him for being late. The blind guy explained that his chicken crossed the road n almost got hit. she asked why did da chicken cross da road?and the guy said he had no time for lame jokes...During dinner, He asked the rooster (which was on top of a fork) 'Is she pretty?' as he put his hands on it. The rooster quikly stood up straight to avoid bein stabbed in da ass. He then walked her home thinkin he had a great woman with him. Oddly,he got hit in da head and was robbed and he couldn't find her anywhere afta the attack.It's hard bein "blind". He went 4 another blind date. As he walked near the restaurant, he fell down and a woman who was headin 4 da restaurant helped him. Turns out she was his date! At dinner he asked his trusty rooster the same question.This time da rooster which had been stealin sum sips from his wine, jus lay there drunk on the table. He didn't even walk her home, but funnily he heard taps of high heels all the way home and the sound of things bein moved.For the firs time he didnt slam his head into anything! Maybe there was a guardian angel.
The moral of this story for the guys:Don't jus decide on outside factors to know a woman.
Don't jus depend and check if ur cock is standing or jus lying limp to decide on beauty
The moral of the story for the girls:Don't be so 'blind' as to go on a blind date with a blind man.BEWARE cuz its true tat love is blind.......deaf, dumb and jus SENSELESS!

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