Monday, 23 February 2004

Things we suld try at the MOVIES!

.Applaud at odd times or when the show starts.
.Laugh loudly during serious and sad scenes.
.Sing along with the backround music.
.If you've seen the movie before, say what's going to happen right before it happens. Act amazed at your wonderful psychic powers.
.Talk loudly to a friend. Whenever someone else makes the slightest noise, tell them they are inconsiderate little idiots for disrupting your viewing pleasure.
.Go find the light switch in the middle of the show.Turn it on and open the exit doors.
.Buy large extra butter popcorn. When entering the cinema,look out for anybody with an annoying face (suay yong).When the lights go off, try to throw popcorn on tat person so that the ugly face will be twisted with anger.(congrats! u've made an ugly face look uglier!)
.Yell out loud "someone's mollesting me!"
.Tell the guy next to you that you have diarrhea and wink while giving a mischievious grin.
.Let out a big fart,hold your nose and stare at the person beside you with a disgusted expression.(be dramatic)
.Wear sunglasses,give out autographs to people who look at you, telling them you know they're jus afraid to ask.
-more to come-

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