Monday, 7 June 2004


On this episode
I come home tired and worn out.Cameron highlands was cold n crappy.and by tomorrow im goin off to club med at 5 AM!! talk about tiring vacations.since the ending of last season finale...the holidays start with a big thud.I get consumed by playing ragnarok,the stupid drug game tat makes u play like an idiot because u had to pay big bucks for it.From my point of view,this year is a crossroad of life.what i do now will effect my future greatly.but each road i look down is as dark n mysterious as the next.Afraid to get lost,i'd rather not choose and hope for a lucky wild card.I can sense a big shift in my characther.Just different when i hit 17.Gosh im like areadi havin my mid life crisis.To Choose.i ponder on this in my heart as the days blink by like the time will be up. What will i do? tune in next week when ill be back from a wonderful vacation in club med.Now if only I'LL enjoy it. oH yes and anticipate the soon to come show when our new principal reveals HIS ugly head.(mebe ugly). so far i might be the first of students to know,but our new school principal is a guy named MR CHAN.till next time then.

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