Friday, 11 June 2004

new episode

Allo! firs id like to kno who the crap is (?????) and (msn) why cant u ppl jus put ur names or sumtin tat i recognise so i kno. anyway who cares bout u. (BLEH!)
So it begins~ the 5 hour car ride to club med in cherating was shitty,afta cameron i was soo lookin 4ward to club med.when we arrived i felt like a piece of crap.A guy named goofy wrote our names down to check in the village.once u enter,ur not allowed to come out.(yuck like prison) so he said he was a GO (gentle officer)and there will be many more of GOs in the whole resort.immediately afta we put down our bags in the rooms,the room was not seen till we go to sleep cuz there were jus too much things to do.First up i went for archery n got a good pic of it too,then went to the beach and areadi it was dinner time.meals there were great tats y i gained a kg afta the trip(sigh).nex day a full day.Iwent for batik painting,trapeze,bungee jumping,swimmin and even had time to put on a show with the teens club which included irish dancing n modelling.Of cors at nite the disco starts n i enjoyed myself like nuts.the nex mornin i felt like sumone threw angry monkeys on me tat punch my whole body.then i only did archery n rock climing tat day b4 i had to leave liao.all this in jus 3 days 2 nites. actually less than tat cuz i arrived n left in the aftanoon.i oso made a few frens n kept in contact wit one. this trip really turned over my moodiness as now im over tat depression thingy.i went back home happy n satisfied.this is of cors a boiled down version.its jus a LIFE experience. few more days til skool tune in for our nex episode of ROYCE"S REALITY! thx.

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