Saturday, 17 July 2004


so there goes malay week n english week. SPM closes in on us all like the jaws of death.Mr Chan is such a good far.He teaches us math,u can see the patience in him as he teaches.Ms nicole is gettin married~ such busyness all around.lately ive been thinking too much.letting all my problems fill my mind.well i hear signs tat tell me to let go.the signs say i suld jus let go of my problems n everything will go as it will. signs? well signs r sumtin u can see around u. the pattern of the threads of fate.people are the threads and we are woven into a beautiful ethereal creation.sumtimes when u look out for sumtin out of the ordinary (e.g. poster,signboards) sumtin tat strikes u,there may be a hidden message.i dunno,u culd jus try it for fun which i did with amanda as we went to eat b4 tuition.we followed a sign like a mothers day poster with a mother holding a we looked for a restaurant with a mother n her child. we found it,ate there and surely jhim jus appeared out of no where.we did it again n we met Aaron in KFC. jus so weird.anyway im weird ,so shuddup! cya soon

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