Sunday, 18 July 2004


mr chan is such a good principal n teacher. he teaches us maths with such patience. school is pretty much the same with a little wild thing happening once in a while. lately i get the signs tat tell me to let go of my problems. im the type tat gets a little bit obsessed with fixing my problems.And the crappy thing is tat evrytime i try to fix sumtin,it becomes worse.i jus managed to shame myself only.and all these things distract me from my studies.which is i must learn to let go...but is tat the rite thing to do?? if u had a misunderstandin between u n ur fren,wuld u jus sit back n watch as ur frenship crumbles to dust? is it better to leave things be or force it to ur way? such a deep thing to tink on. and also (IS LOVE STRONGER OR WILLPOWER?) can u will urself to stop lovin sumone? or will love truly overcome anythin? a hot topic to chat about. i sense a debate comin on. we suld get Mark leong to help us since he's the best in our skool. till nex time.bye

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