Saturday, 21 August 2004

the excursion

so at the excursion we went to the planetarium, unfortunately we had scolding cuz SUMONE! broke a piece of 270$ decoration. the exhibits were quite fun though.the anti gravity room was not the objects hanging from strings room i thought it wuld b. it was a slanting room tat half sunk into the floor. everyone in there was slamming themselves against the walls like idiots! u wuld hav thought there was an earthquake.after tat,we watched a movie tat was on the dome...arrgh! it was like falling into the sky,it was makin my stomach flip.then we had lunch at MCD,there was sooo much fries.the fries! fries everywhere! but we managed to eat em up.then we went to the pewter makin factory.the place was practically made for tours.they even had irrelevant things like a board tat said (a pewter cauldron is required at the magical school of witchcraft and wizardry.) such unimportant things! then theres oso a big sign tat sed (school of hard knocks) ..wat a skool of losers. Great day though,had loads of fun. now its the try to be eventful.

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