Saturday, 12 March 2005


today i slept most of the day away..then at nite steph asks me to go out AGAIN..... so i sms rick cyn n was 10pm areadi. waitin for their reply... cyn calls to tell me she is goin out wit manda n her sis,her cuzns n her own bro. so i tot id rather go wit cyn they all, than jus me n steph.then i waited for ricks reply but received manda's... she was like (not today la,mebe another day..u enjoy urself la.) my blood boiled afta seeing tat.i felt like soo betrayed cuz i areadi knew she was goin out wit cyn n her family but she acts like shes bz with sumtin n tryin to hide tat she goin out wit them. its not as if im not close to areadi frens wit all of them except for cyn's bro .so i wanted a hailstorm to fall on manda rite then.then i called cyn to say im goin wit her afta tokin myself out of steph's outing cuz two ppl is jus too little.she said she was areadi eating wit them,then she say (shall i ask if u can come) but i was like.y cant i come?its like automatic la.rachel then said (NO) i think jokinly but cyn said no to me..then i oso jokinly sed (oklo..ill do my work at home n guai guai lo) then shes like (ok) n shut the phone on was like open the door to a christmas party -come in come in- then as i walk to the door-SLAM! she smacks the door in my face.ggraaar! i lost my temper due to stress,sucky SPM results n sumone who is toying with my feelings. i called steph n told her the outing is ON! n rick oso replied finally,i brought them to the same spot n sat rite where they can see us.the two...girls came n i ignored them. well afta tat my wrath subsided n i forgave them in my heart..Gawd im such a siu hei stubborn ass.oh well jus dun PISS ME OFF!@!

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