Monday, 4 January 2010

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed?

 Whoever came up with that saying needs to clarify. I ,personally, would rather say it with a sarcastic accent on the 'indeed'

A friend in need, is a friend INDEED~ hmph.

Lately, all I'm getting is these requests from friends of what they need and their personal complaints. A whole year's worth of it in fact as 2009 was a big lump of those issues.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining as well now, but my point is that friends who come to you in 'Need' actually come to you with desires. The desire that you will show sympathy for whatever small issues they're dealing with. My theory is that those who are seriously in need are those who keep it quiet and just soldier on alone. Those are the ones that are truly suffering.

The problem with this is you'd need to be close enough for them to feel comfortable enough to share it. I know a few who are in deep suffering and I don't know how to break that unseen barrier and talk to them.

Urgh, whatever. I think from now my philosophy is simple. When they are not acting like your friends, they probably aren't. Friendship, like everything else, probably has a season for it. We'd all love to think its permanent and eternal, but it doesn't if the two parties doesn't work on it.

Hmm, takes a lot of stress off. I've been punishing myself half my life (I was a loner before that) thinking I've not tried hard enough for others, pushing aside my needs for others. When others always end up taking advantage of it. I think enough of that bullshit.

For now, I will be working on me. I won't be very contactable by phone btw and am not in the mood to reply much.

Till I'm done, good luck with your shits.

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