Thursday, 10 March 2005


d-_-b haih im so annoyed now. I've got my car finally but i didn't know tat with the car comes PETROL,PARKING n TOLL payments.these costs me a few hundred per month!now cannot go shopping much anymore.sumore now tat im movin house i wana redo my whole room..but no cash..n i owe my frens money..this is soo not my dad suggests i get a PART TIME JOB! but im so busy i hardly get enough time to sleep!oh dun care la.oh tomoro is SPM results day.honestly i dun care lo.i care more bout my new room.i want it in purple. hey i jus realised this is my eighth time movin.since i was born ive been movin every two years on so nomad.haih i want to laugh..thank goodness its free.GYAHahHAAHHA *snorts* HEY i WON first prize for the Word hunt in Splashtime where i competed against the intake of my college.we won 4 nice MOMOE bag n 100$ coupon for starbucks.Me n manda r so not gonna share.GYAHAHA.k ill tell u more later.gota sleep for spm results.

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