Saturday, 12 December 2009

Interior Decoration 101

I am trained in the arts and creative practices. Specializing in advertising.
However, that leaves quite a broad spectrum of career paths for me, as anything can be done with creative skills. One such project that I have been asked to do is exactly that.

I am a Personal shopper/ Interior Decorator!

How amazing is that? I get paid to shop! hahaha. It sounds like the dream job, but it's not ALL fun and games, it does involve heavy administrative work and good organizational skills. I found that I am really good at organizing stuff for people, not so much for myself.

The Task:
So, my client has just bought a port view apartment unit with 3 rooms. Firstly, I'll explain that an interior designer actually designs the construction of the unit, a decorator simply picks and puts together furnishings and decor. I am working as the decorator, so I am not talking about space design and the actual construction of the unit.

I have to pick the color scheme, make orders to furniture shops, buy the bits and pieces that make it a home, get an electrician, find the discounts, wait for deliveries and manage all the bits and pieces in between.

It is actually a really fun job, as far as my first day went. I was briefed that I would be provided the use of a car, and a sub-credit card. But I'll have to run around and get things organized for my client. So he doesn't have to make all those annoying little decisions.

Solutions: Being the smart and creative person that I am, what would be the best way to visualize the space and decor for the client?

Create a 3-D model in the Sims using the floor plan of the apartment!! 
How smart am I"!?
If you think about it, you can totally test and change the design of the rooms with a click of the button.
Example :

After taking some pictures from the actual apartment, and some rough measurements. It's totally doable to just recreate it in The Sims. I even made a lil sim family to represent my client and his partner, along with matching personality and looks. haha, I wonder if any interior companies' ever did that.

Basically, today I've walked around with my client and locked in what he wants for his living room, understanding his taste and advising on basic color balancing elements as well as practical considerations.

From picking out the size, fabric, colour and placement of the couch. Making sure the colour would be easy to match, stain resistant, and brings out the color of the port view. It was actually quite difficult to decide on the handcrafted couch.

Even considerations for a matching coffee table, the dimensions and practicality. How would you add a statement to it, does it match with the client's personal taste. It really isn't easy. Now I totally get why personal shoppers and decorators get paid to do what sounds like fun. It just isn't as easy as we think.

I am still excited about the whole thing. I'll double check with my client if I can post any pictures of his home, but maybe just screenshots of my 3d Model will do :)

Till then, Royce is building knowledge on being an interior decorator!


Drizzles said...

oh my god. Its definitely fun regardless the hardwork. how i wish i have these kind of projects

Royce Tan said...

haha yeah I made the first purchase today. it was great!