Monday, 14 December 2009

fabrics and swatches

Note to amateur interior decorators everywhere. Take pictures of all permanent fixtures in the house. such as annoying air conditioning unit that takes up wall space. Make sure you take all measurements and write it onto a floor plan. It makes things alot easier

I was asking a furniture shop consultant on the decision of furniture color palettes.  turns out that Grey is pretty smart option if you think about it. Scuff marks and stains turn up really obviously on white furniture, but dust and fibres show on black, so with grey, you kinda maintain the illusion of cleanliness.

Leather is a really smart choice of material for the entertaining type. It keeps wine and food stains at bay as you can just wipe it off. cloth material is really comfy for the type that lounges at home. I have an issue with suede though as it has what the consultant described as Watermarks. The 'stain' that appears when you rub the fibers of the material a different way?
Luckily I found a new material called 'Tango' at king's furniture shop. Apparently they found a way to weave fibres in a crosshatch direction, which reduces the watermark effects on the material whilst still keeping the suede texture finish.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Ikea to buy some stuff. Remember how I made a 3D model in the Sims? Did you know you can also download IKEA furniture into the Sims3?
here's the link!

you can get all types of Add-ons for the game like

How cool is that?

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