Thursday, 17 December 2009

Sims and Interior Decoration

Like I said in my previous post, I am currently working as a Personal Shopper/ Interior Decorator. Mainly buying furniture and home essentials and what not. It is a pretty full on job :) but fun,

This was part of how I visualized the end product. It wasn't done to scale, but it does give me a pretty good idea of what I want it to look like.

This is the floor plan-

I started with the first room which is the Guest room.
My client wanted the customized Billy bookcase that costs around 2000++
I wanted to give it a Harvard library meets the philosopher kind of look. This will probably be the Billy Bookcase in black brown fixed with 9 Gruntal cabinet Lightings all from Ikea.
Next, you'd see the kitchen, which already has a built in countertop and a large cabinet for the fridge and microwave to sit in. A rather odd design with an unflattering light brown wood for the paneling.

These are my ideal look for him. A dark brown which makes it look a lot classier I think.
I'd love for him to have a chandelier or some kind of interesting lighting to spark interesting dinner conversations at the table. especially if you're entertaining guests. It'll be a good conversation piece. Swivel bar stools at the kitchen counter are genius! you'd want guests to feel entertained while you're preparing meals, at least by your cooking if not conversation, and they can always swivel around to speak to other guests as well.
For the bachelors and busy work people, this is a quick and fast way to grab a breakfast and run for the door.Sit at the kitchen counter.

Next comes the living room. The main feature of the home. My client has the view of the Melbourne Port, so instead of grass, think of the night lights of chic seafood restaurants reflected by yacht filled ocean waters coming through the balcony.

After doing the 3D model in The Sims, I figured that I should have done it to scale, as the model I made was way bigger than reality, or I didn't get the proportion right. It was still a good visual guide though. I think the black and white look goes well with the ocean. You'd want to go for cool colors or monotone so that you'd pick up the nice blue tinge view of the ocean outside.

Still shopping daily. Whoever said money can't buy happiness. Hasn't worked as a personal shopper.

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