Thursday, 24 March 2005


Living is becoming quite stressful for me.i just have too many things to juggle much tat i can't explain everything in one go..well ill tell u bout my first clubbing experience.two nites in a row sumore.well it started on friday afta class i went with Yeng to play snooker then jus decided to go from there. we went Thai club (opposite beach club).We got in for free thanx to was packed tighter than a tuna can.i didnt like it!many ppl were vomiting all over the place,i was trying the melbourne shuffle n was surprised to find the floor so slippery n easy to shuffle.but i think i shuffled in vomit...(>_<)DAMN! so i managed to leave the stuffed turkey of a club and went home with a higher risk of lung cancer!the next day was the proper planned clubbing.THe KL tower Pit PArtay! i thought it was gonna b shitty but when DJ GOLDFISH took over,i really just let myself was an all naturale high and the stage was my world.the sky sent refreshing drops of rain,but soon it became a downpour and everyone crowded into the shade.i would hav gone on in the rain but i didnt want to wet my car later.the music just stopped n tat was the end,over 2 hours early! we were so annoyed tat we went to Thai club to continue.this time was not so packed as well so i really enjoyed myself.MY new HOBBY!clubbing.these r sum pics i took wit my phone. =the clubbers!!=this is the Dj of Thai club,Mr raj,he is a nice guy n he actually announced me n Yeng's name as heroes of the night.SO Bombastic!

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