Sunday, 27 March 2005


ok finally im officially family is taking the house piece by piece to the other side.and i just realise i havent even SEEN the interior of the i have no idea wat it looks like in there.i have no air con n no water heater....(o_o#) hate it ! i wana stay sum where is 6 am n im still not sleeping.actually wanted to go out with ah yeng at 4 am to yum cha like yesterday but in the end we dun wana go.jus die when the week comes.gosh i suld learn to organise my time n limit my online time.ive been on for 7 hours straight witout leavin the chair.CHISEEN gonna start gaming like mad again.its my way of relieving during SPM.AHAHA.haih gonna hav to adjust to a new world again.

4 ur Info== Friendster now has blogs! but i dunno how u guys can get it cuz apparently,the link has disappeared.FRENSTER SUX! mine is at =

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