Friday, 1 April 2005


SCREWED=Today..April fools' day. and boy was i screwed....not by humans..but by God. I left my house late,the roads were jammed.CRAP! i forgot my handphone and im already 20 mins late.oh well cant live without my phone,so i U turn back n arrive at my house with my WHOLE CAR TILTED! my tire was FLAT!!! damn! so i ran up n got my phone then asked my mom for help to change the tire.after half an hour and a bucket of sweat...the tire was changed.but the tire is Still FLAT!! so i went to the petrol station to pump the air but turns out it was also torn.===The service station=== Oh ur car..*takes finger and points at several odd areas of the car.* needs to change,this is spoilt,old,flattened,short,torn,broken.. ting~ tat will be 260 bucks,...(MOM!! HELP!!I NEED CASH FAST!) thank goodness my hse was mom came with the cash and i was areadi 2 HOURS LATE! so rush to skool....on the way,ring ring~ i pick up my handphone and my frens were callin to ask where was i.(ROYZ~ where r u?) so i hurriedly told them tat im on the way.suddenly sumone from beside waves at me.i turn to my horror..ITS THE POLICE! aaaaaah FUGLY WORLD chow hainess from the lan jiao kia sai lang ka cheng! he gave me a SAMAN n jus said (bayar mana mana ya.) i didnt even have time to bribe...nor even have the calm to think of bribing.i was just..BOILED. arrived at college more than two n a half hours late.biatch day--
--Second Biatch day--sat,Interview day, the morning part was okay till i was supposed to go for an interview alone.. the thing was at four n i set my alarm for alarm neva went off and by the time i realised,it was 3.45!so rush rush rush.oh JAMZZZZZZ then i jus parked my car sumwhere in the huge carpark n ran to T.G.I.Fridays.the guy then told me to go to The curve cuz his boss who is my father's fren told him tat i live nearer ...Where did i park the car?shaaat~ i searched up n down n round n round..after half an hour only i found it.I was supposed to get to the curve i tot i'd take a short cut,crashed my bumper against the metal railings by the road..n spun a few rounds b4 i arrive at THE CURVE CURVE CURVE~~the guy made me wait n afta a short interview,i got the job.yes i work at the Curve's TGIFRIDAYS on the curve is supposed to be near my hse rite.i had two bucks in my wallet.i paid one buck for car park n got on the highway...except the highway led me to BUKIT KIARA!!! aaaaaah a TOLL!i had onli one buck,i rummaged around the car n found sum coins.i wrapped the coins in the dollar note n threw it in the guys' hands.when the block went up,i STEPPED ON IT! boy it was thrilling..i paid short of 40 cents but i was worried he wuld not let me pass or sumtin.then i was still lost.goin towards KL which is sooo opposit!then came another toll!! damn i was stuck@#@# but i asked my mom n my mom was like (u jus tell them TOLONG,sorry la says tak ada duit la,macam mana?) haih tats y my mom gets herself in rowdy adventures i told the toll girl i lost my wallet.She wrote me a bill tat sed i must pay the toll by this week or have a fine of 2000! or one year JAIL!! my gosh jus for 1.50 siau!so tats so much for my BAD LUCK DAY~ GOD HELP ME.

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