Wednesday, 13 April 2005


sometimes i wonder if it's worth having my week from God's joke on me,the bank sends two guys to my home.also known as licenced loansharks,they came to repossess my car!! i was still sleepin n didnt know anythin.i was shocked when my parents called all panicky saying they were INSIDE the hse.(they were actually at the garden only)i found out tat i had forgotten to pay for da car by cheque which my mom had given mom sed i was lucky to b at home cuz sumtimes these guys will jus ram u off the road if they c u.well the legal fees and also charge for late payment turned out to b over a thousand....:'( i felt soooo bad.

anyway on a lighter note,i had a fun BBQ dinner last friday.but sumtin happened while me manda n cyn were on the seesaw..sink went on fire!! and the tap was on full blast.yet the flames were dancing like the water was gasoline.i later found out tat this winson had used lighter fluid and it caught fire.he threw it into the sink and...TADAAA~instant bomb in a sink.we culd have all died,taking everyone else tat lives in the condos there.thANK GOODNESS ah yeng dared to pick the canister out of the sink.then sabrina poured a bowl of water to kill the last of the close to death.then we bbqued our food,had lotsa laffs and i fell into the pool later.oh ya,the guard there was like threataning to call police if we didnt clear off by 10.CRAZY we were just taking time to clean up..they are like( If u didn't clean up,u wont get ur 200 deposit back,but if u dun leave now,We'll call the police.) just mad la him....

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