Thursday, 5 May 2005


oh its been a Millenia since i last wrote..and guess what? ITS MAH BURTH DAY TODAY!! yep y'all better know.It's alrite if u guys forget this day..jus dun forget me!!i'd rather be remembered once in awhile than only once in a WHOLE YEAR.well I've been workin in Fridays' and it is not easy let me tell u.but i did get a pleasant surprise from Winson when he came with Alwyn...such fussy customers...but he did provide some good distraction.this Winson like suddenly call me n said "Roysss i dun like this fork,get me a new one." I smiled calm and serenely, i took the perfectly fine fork from him and then turned around and rolled my eyes, restraining myself from stabbing him with it.then later when i was walking pass his table again (he was at my station MOST unfortunately) "ROOOysss,this place is too noisy,i dun like it"(there was a baby cryin at the nex table)so i answered sweetly "oh wuld u like me to kill the baby for u?"..( think alwyn was wondering if he suld run at tat point.)i took a spray can and purposely sprayed a little on winson,.."oops im soo sorry" i said as i smiled in my heart.He frowns hard,as if to say "you total fucking idiot!".
~this is a totally embellished account of tat day~
This years birthday is soooo much better than the last one.Today i spent all my cash a few seconds after i jus got it.such a shoppin spree n i dun feel tat much fact i kinda feel satisfied with wat i bought.jus not the big swirling blackhole in my wallet.
~my 18th birthday is a good one~ jus hope sumone doesnt gimme condoms as a bday present or sum such~
THings TO L@@K aT ++++ -a cool photo album tat lets u put a small menu of pics on ur blog.
ThinGS to HEAR!~~~~
holla back girl- GWEN STEFANI (ITs BANANAS,B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

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