Thursday, 30 June 2005

Gem Isle

SHA BAM! And now im gonna blow ur minds with a ship load of details..Its been way way too long since i last blogged n i'm sure u guys r dying of hunger for my stories.Let's get on with it then. I'll start with wat happened at the Marion Raven's Showcase. When we finally entered the ballroom,We were horrified to see we had to sit on the FLOOR! such degrading treatment!i wanted to strangle the crew which was standing beside me but decided to jus hurry n grab a...i wouldn't call it a seat, more like a space tat was closer to the stage.The floor heaved when Marion Raven walked into the room.I noticed Rose n her bunch of misfits on the floor on the other side of the room.So Marion did her thing,sang some songs,but all we really wanted to hear was End of me.Then we discover that we had to have tickets to meet her one on one in an enclosed room.Crappity.I wanted those autographed posters!!so me,Tim,Winson and Amanda were jus standing outside the room glaring at the queue of ppl who HAD the tickets.later i see my sis n a fren coming out from the neighbouring room.I was...FLABBERGASTED~ i wanted to set her hair on fire! and she gave that "I-met-her-and-you-didn't,AHA!" look.Me and Tim did a double soul-scourge glare combo.U culd almost see lasers from our eyes penetrating her heart.We asked how she managed to get the tickets and she told us she did not.We were confused and glared at her and her flock of frens.she told us that this room was connected to Marion's room and there was onli a partition separating us.I stared at my group and Rose motioned at hers.An immediate truce was created and together,all of us crept into the room flinging our arms wildly to signal silence and speed so tat no one else will try to follow us.In the dark room,we tiptoed to the partition and pushed,The whole thing was so light tat it simply swung open the whole way revealing marion raven and her fans.We thought we were caught for sure n scrambled like scared geese but no one noticed!we took this chance and quikly took pictures with our camera phones.but then we were caught.but then we went in again.this time when they came back in,i slammed myself on the floor and the person was like 5 inches away.i tot i was so lame and the person wuld jus laff at me,but to my surprise she jus sed " ok no ones here." i wanted to laff my head off but culdn't.Later i was caught anyway.the whole thing was very thrilling.but i only walked away wit her CD. ok next story will be my REDANG TRIP!! DOn.t miss it@! it'll be wit photos too.

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