Sunday, 3 July 2005

saffire isle

Splash!~ the crystal clear waters were filled with rainbow fishes that swam around me.bright corals made the underwater world seem like an alien city filled with cute fish n marine life.Yeng and Winson points to the direction of a Giant Grouper,then a Brain coral and even christmastree worms.It was quite an experience. but this was not all paradise,oh it was far from it.
On the first day,when we finally arrived after a long ride in a cramped bus.i was grumpy n pissy.i snapped a little at winson n yeng while playing cards.(even though i was winning).then later it was winson's turn to snap at us cuz we left his wallet n the room keys unattended.finally it exploded when yeng got angry at our snappish behaviour.All of us were emotionally tired so we quarreled till we all cried.(lots of details r bein left out).within 10 minutes,we were all alrite n went off to eat dinner.At nite a storm came just as i was enjoying the windy beach and headed towards a beach disco.we ran back to our rooms quite exhausted.
Day 2- A sunrise at sea was breathtaking.After breakfast, another snorkelling trip we go.Yeng begun noticing some guy...she tried giving him her life jacket when she saw him swimming past her with difficulty,but he didn't even notice.later During lunch we oso sat near him and even after that on the beach.Tat was when we wanted to get him to help us take underwater pictures with our underwater camera.unfortunately,he somehow swam into the sea and the waves swallowed him whole....KIDDING@!he just swam away and then reappeared on the other side of the beach! Dinner was slightly further away from him than usual.this time we decided to help yeng get sum info on him.we wanted to stalk him n c where he stayed.such craziness!but he just stopped at the lobby.when he was finally alone,Winson n I went over to execute our mission.Target was simple,just get his contact. But i was so nervous,I've not done such a thing b4.just walk to a total stranger n ask for his number.but winson did it quite smoothly,[playboy~],but later when yeng wanted us to invite him to have a drink,I did it this time without makin too much of a fool of myself.i think i was blushing he had to wait for his dad there n culdn't join us.Now,He hasn't seen yeng yet so this time when we dragged yeng past him,his face was so shocked as Yeng scuttled away from the scene.Yeng was walking backwards to avoid seeing him.Me n winson LOL-ed all the way to the recreation centre where we played pool.later he came in too! poor yeng wanted to die of shame.I wanted to laugh my head off.The next morning,He left the island at the same time n on da same ferry.when we reached the mainland,we realised we were to sit in the same 8-seater van as well! wat a coincidence~ Yeng went to the toilet n i realise tat the guy went as well.She came back feeling embarassed tat she had bumped into him AGAIN!SUCH a JOKE! AHA! jus when i opened the door to get on the van.Yeng accidentally sed (NO! i dun wana sit wit him) n she covered her mouth in time to see tat he was sitting rite at the door.i quikly asked her to sit wit me at the back.and the fun ended when he stopped at the airport to fly back to singapore.while we unfortunately have to sit for nine hours in a bus tat was more like a noisy creaking coffin !!

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