Wednesday, 20 July 2005


My group's history project was fashion design.Ive nvr hd any experience b4 but it came out great. Here are sum pix.The concept n title was futurism.we wanted to show convenience in clothing,so manda,our model had to have wires n a metal hose sewed on to her,poor thing.She looked like a cross between Alien vs predator with cyber slut.Love the sparkles in her make up thou.Thanx to yeng n her make up skills. da presentation was Awe-striking. Me n fiona did a dance and when we finished we pulled the sarong off manda.Da room lites wuld go off n the xmas lites BLAZED on. EVERYONE was like "AAAAOOOOuuuwww".I guess the response was worth the crazy effort n sleeples nite.We went thru 5 SETS of xmas lites b4 we got one tat didnt blow out...Design is fun!

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