Thursday, 4 August 2005


YAY my holidays r comin on the 13 august start.term break!@ im sooo happy im gonna sleep properly n heal my body so tat can take on the next term.Design college is quite odd. i dunno if i really belong there.Well there r loves n hates for me there,but overall i think its more fun then not.I've been thinkin lots bout frens lately,i want to visit EVERYONE,i still wana stay close to them.its annoying how friendships fade away,cant they stay STATIC? so difficult to have to rebuild frenships tat were great empires of trust yesteryear but now have become the ruins of sadness. Oh ya my great storywriters out there, i feel like starting a story blog jus for our stories.increases creativity as well as keeps the bonds of frenship tight. i like the idea tat we can inspire each other n learn new ways of lookin at things. so i think i might use a xanga cuz its simpler. n jus for stories. ok so im gonna make it now.Oh ya College frens! we r gonna have a drama club tat we r gonna start ourselves, i plan to support the dance department.anyone interested suld c Naseeb.i oso want japanese language classes in our college! will anyone support me?

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