Saturday, 13 August 2005


YESS im such a winner~ this time i won this contest for Loreal Studio Line. U had to draw a creative hairstyle on to this little simple circle with two eyes.. i kinda went overboard and added mouth n make up n did the hair in highlighted colours.when i put mine in the contest box,i noticed that other entries were...jus sad. so i dun think it was much of a contest as not many ppl entered n u guys probably havent even heard about it.Anyway~~ i sent in two entries n both won.. so i got two out of five places.. AHAHAH i find tat so funny.the guy who called me to tell was like "er,royce,the manager decided to let u bring another person to join the sweep cuz ur visual is so nice.Do you have a girlfren? (I was shocked by the sudden question!)...or any relatives?" i said unsurely "er, ya of cors i have relatives."( yuck! u think im an orphan meh?) he said 'oh then u can bring another person to join u " so i'll b goin to sungai wang on 17th Aug for the sweep. i heard the media will be there! (gulp~) wat to wear:?? somemore loreal company! i feel like i must totally stay at the hairdressers the day b4 that.or mebe jus wear a wig la!(grrr)... but the good news is that one person has a guarantee to get over 500 worth of loreal products..since ive got two persons..ill get a freaking 1000 bucks! worth of hair products -_-" my hair is gonna be poisonous. so yeaah,life's pretty lucky for me.

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