Thursday, 10 November 2005

Learn from your mistakes.MPPJ is SHIT!

Learn from your mistakes! because i don't seem to learn from mine.Once again i received a fine because i didn't pay a 2 ringgit parking fee.. >_< now i have to pay 100!~ so smartening of me!It totally disrupts my LIFE because i get worried with the authorities.ever since youth i have always feared authority,be it teachers or police or guards. i just avoid them like they were a horrible disease!i guess i'll wait till there is a discount on the fine.
ASS LA!WHY must MPPJ put such a heavy fine!>?> WHY!>? stupid Madcow Pimple Poking Jackass! didnt pay 2 sumtin onli mah..then they just multiply by 50!!!yes an increase of 5000 percent for ur fee pls!!ur parking space very magical meh!? not like you will wash my car,feed it,groom it, put gold on the road and make a rainbow come out oso!cheebai kia la!im so mad now.i wana faht tien and scratch their faces.why dont i charge them for looking at my car!200$$ per second!I'll give a free second after 5.I accept credit cards too.i feel so irritated now.when i go pay the fine i wanna bomb the whole place up too.Do u kno the MPPJ is decorated quite nicely? those bastards steal all the money to make such STUUUpid things!got a big green field n flowers everywhere. U think ppl come to pay fine,then suddenly picnic there meh>>>??or your workers just suddenly "aiya since we have time,lets act out the sound of music la" then run on ur field? STUPAAAD!!!

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